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In the event we have less than 8 but at least 4 teams registered, the tournament will proceed with modified rules as follows:
5v5 Standard Competitive
Best of 5 eliminations (First to three wins)
Traditional tournament elimination bracket
$35 Entry Fee per Player, or $175 as a team to register
$20 per player for prize pool
It is required that only our Keyboard, mouse, and headset may be used.
3rd & 4th place determined after playoff between two semifinalist runner-ups.
VIP and other bonus awards will be halved for 1st, 2nd & 3rd place. There is no 4th place reward.
Team captain must register on behalf of the team, be sure to communicate with your crew.
Random Teams will be assigned to individual players on Tournament Day.
Prize bonuses will be 50% of the normal format's amount. Percentages from pot is unchanged.
In the event we have an uneven number of random players, we will do multiple playoffs.